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By purchasing a ticket in Alaska Lottery’s Catch the King Raffle the purchaser acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these official rules and by the decisions of Alaska Lottery. Alaska Lottery’s decision shall be binding and final as to all matters related to a Catch the King Raffle. The raffle is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. The liability of the licensee shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket.



  • Ticket sales are restricted to those 18 years of age and older.

  • By participating in this raffle, purchaser certifies that they are physically present in the State of Alaska at the time of purchase.

  • Employees of the operator are not allowed to purchase tickets for any of the drawings.

  • Associated permittee(s) and their members, staff and volunteers are permitted to participate.

  • To qualify for a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot, participants must have purchased and be in possession of the winning ticket for the current weekly raffle.



  • Tickets may be purchased at a cost of $2 each, twelve (12) tickets for $10.00, thirty (30) tickets for $20.00, one hundred (100) tickets for $50.00, or two hundred fifty (250) tickets for $100.00.

  • Tickets are available for purchase on our website Online ticket purchasers must enter their email address correctly when purchasing ticket(s) to ensure they receive their ticket(s) and should check their spam and junk mail folders if they have not received their ticket(s). Purchasers may visit our website to resolve any issues with receipt of tickets.

  • Catch the King raffle tickets will be sold at locations licensed by the State of Alaska.

  • Tickets are valid for each weekly draw only and are removed before the next weekly draw commences.

  • To win the weekly prize, the winner must have purchased tickets in accordance with the rules set forth.

  • To win the progressive jackpot prize, the weekly winner must have purchased tickets accordance with the rules set forth and selected the numbered window revealing the King of Diamonds.

  • Deadline for ticket sales is Sunday at 7:55 pm local Alaska time.

  • Ticket sales for each new weekly drawing begin on Sundays at 9:05 pm local Alaska time.

  • There is no limit to the number of available tickets or bundles.

  • All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds issued to anyone for any reason. All tickets purchased and entered in the draw cannot and will not be refunded.

  • Odds of winning are variable based on the total number of raffle tickets sold.

  • All records of tickets sold will be stored for the period required by State of Alaska statutes and regulations.



  • Ticket purchasers do not have to be present to win.

  • Drawings will be held at 1436 E. Tudor Road, inside Tudor Bingo Center. Drawings will be open to the public and may be live streamed on social media.

  • All drawings will be held under the supervision of an Alaska Lottery official or designee.



  • Weekly ticket drawings will take place at approximately 8:00 pm local Alaska time every Sunday.

  • A single ticket number will be randomly selected by a certified, lab tested Random Number Generator from all tickets sold during the week.

  • The holder of the winning ticket wins the weekly cash prize of 20% of that week’s raffle sales and will have a chance to win the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot prize.

  • The deadline for Weekly Cash Prize winners to claim their prize is 5:00 pm local Alaska time on the Thursday following the draw of the winning ticket.

  • If the weekly prize is not claimed by the deadline, the prize amount will immediately be added to the progressive jackpot prize.

  • Alaska lottery officials will call the phone number associated with the winning ticket shortly after the drawing, however, it is the sole responsibility of the winner to contact Alaska Lottery at 907-565-6886 or in person at 1436 E Tudor Rd, Anchorage AK 99507 by the published deadlines.



  • Only weekly winners qualify to choose a number from the Catch the King board for a chance at the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot Prize.

  • The weekly cash prize winner will have the chance to choose a numbered card from a board of sealed cards representing a standard deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers for a total of 54 numbered cards looking for the King of Diamonds. If the King of Diamonds is drawn, the weekly winner also wins the 30% Catch the King Progressive Jackpot Prize.

  • The weekly winner MUST contact Alaska Lottery at 907-565-6886 or in person at 1436 E Tudor Road, Anchorage AK 99507 by the deadline of 9:00 pm local Alaska time on the day the drawing.

  • Alaska lottery officials will call the phone number associated with the winning ticket immediately following the drawing and will continue to attempt to contact the ticket holder by calling at least every 15 minutes, with the final attempt at 9:00 pm.  If the weekly winner fails to claim their chance to select a card on the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot board, the weekly prize winner irrevocably forgoes their chance at the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot Prize. The winning weekly ticket holder is still guaranteed the WEEKLY prize as long as they contact Alaska Lottery by the deadline, 5:00 pm local Alaska time the following Thursday.

  • If the weekly winner fails to claim their chance to select a card on the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot board, a card will be selected by proxy. Alaska Lottery officials will randomly select a bingo ball from a set of 54 bingo balls, numbered 1 – 54, that represent the numbered windows on the Progressive Jackpot board. The numbered ball selected will determine the window that will be revealed if it is still available. If the window has already been revealed as a previous week’s selection, the weekly prize winner irrevocably forgoes their chance at the Catch the King Progressive Jackpot Prize. The winning weekly ticket holder is still guaranteed the WEEKLY prize if they contact Alaska Lottery by the deadline, 5:00 pm local Alaska time the following Thursday. If the card revealed by proxy is the King of Diamonds, the winner will receive 10% of the accumulated Progressive Jackpot prize. A new raffle will begin with a new Catch the King board and the remaining 90% of the Progressive Jackpot prize as the starting amount. Proxy winners must still contact us by the following Thursday, 5:00 pm local Alaska time to claim their winnings. For illustrative purposes if the progressive jackpot was $500,000, the winner by proxy that selects the King of Diamonds would receive $50,000 and the next round of Catch the King would start at $450,000.

  • If the numbered card does not contain the designated winning card, the King of Diamonds, the card will remain open to show that it has already been selected and the jackpot will continue to progress to the next week, and each week thereafter, until the King of Diamonds is selected.

  • Once the King of Diamonds has been revealed it will end the progressive raffle and a new raffle will immediately go into effect. All prizes will be reset to their minimums and a new board will go into play.

  • The minimum Jackpot Prize is guaranteed at $10,000.00.

Catch the King Weekly Sales



  • Weekly Prize: 5:00 pm local Alaska time the following THURSDAY (four days after the drawing).

  • Progressive Jackpot Prize: 9:00 pm local Alaska time on the day of the drawing (one hour after the drawing).

  • Draw by proxy winners: 5:00 pm local Alaska time the following THURSDAY (four days after the drawing).

  • The winning ticket holder must contact Alaska Lottery and present the winning ticket within the allotted time of the applicable drawing. Contact must be made in person at the Alaska Lottery main office located at 1436 E. Tudor Road, Anchorage, AK 99507 or by phone 907-565-6886 (907-56-LOTTO) prior to the deadline(s).

  • Alaska Lottery, Tudor Bingo and the associated permittee(s) have no obligation if unable to contact holders of potential winning ticket numbers.

  • Only one person may claim a prize. Prizes may not be awarded a group of individuals. Alaska Lottery, Tudor Bingo, and associated permittees are not responsible for any disputes arising among individuals participating in a group purchase.

  • A minimum of two pieces of identification as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service as acceptable are required.

  • Prize winners must provide Alaska Lottery with all information required by State of Alaska and the Internal Revenue Service to claim a prize.

  • The prize claimant will be required to sign a Declaration and Release ("Release") which must be executed and returned to Alaska Lottery no later than three (3) business days after the receipt of the release.

  • By claiming  either a weekly or a progressive Catch the King prize(s), the winner gives the Alaska Lottery and Tudor Bingo the right to publish the winner’s name, prize amount and any images or likeness taken or captured of the participant or prize winner in connection with their participating in the lottery or receiving a prize (collectively, the “images”) in any form, media or content which now or hereafter exist, for advertising, promotional or any other commercial purposes as well as noncommercial purposes. Participants and prize winners each waive any compensation for any use of such images. This information is also publicized to protect the integrity of the Catch the King raffle as it verifies that prizes are won.

  • For security and safety reasons, no cash payments will be made to prize winners. All prizes will be paid out to prize winners by check within three business days of the prize claimant delivering the winning raffle ticket, executed release, and all other required documents to Alaska Lottery. The prize is not transferable and must be accepted as awarded with no substitutions.

  • If a prize claimant either: (a) does not notify Alaska Lottery within the required time limits of the drawing; (b) is ruled ineligible for any reason; (c) refuses the prize; or (d) does not return an executed release, then, in each event, the prize will be forfeited.

  • Unclaimed winnings will be retained by Alaska Lottery and applied to the subsequent raffle.



  • The Released Parties (defined below under RELEASE OF LIABILITY) are not responsible for: (1) Entries which are stolen, lost, damaged, illegible, given away or no longer in the purchaser’s possession, (2) Entries that have been or may have been tampered with or re-sold in violation of these Official Rules; (3) Entries or payments that are delayed, misdirected, undelivered, not fully captured, or garbled as a result of any failure or problem whatsoever with the availability,  functionality, operability or use of any network, server, ISP, website, computer, telephone, cable or satellite modem or connection, handheld mobile device or any other computer equipment or connection, whether or not caused by site users, tampering, hacking, or by viruses, worms, or malfunctions affecting a network, server ISP or any equipment or programming used in or associated with the raffle; (4) any other errors of any kind, whether human, typographical, printing, mechanical, or electronic in nature, which relate to or are connected with the raffle (collectively, as described in clauses (1) through (4), errors), including without limitation errors in raffle-related materials or in the administration of the raffle, such as errors in processing entries, identifying potential winners, determining official winners, or announcing or delivering prizes; or if any portion of the raffle is compromised, in Alaska Lottery’s sole judgment, by a virus, worm, bug, non-authorized human intervention or other causes which, in Alaska Lottery’s sole judgment, corrupt or impair the  administration, security, fairness or proper play of the raffle, or the proper submission or capture of entries (collectively, a compromising event), then Alaska Lottery reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, modify or terminate the raffle, and to select winners from all eligible, non-suspect entries received before the known occurrence or discovery of such comprising event. All entry purchases shall be final, and no refunds or replacements will be issued by Alaska Lottery. Alaska Lottery has sole and final decision on admissibility of entries and the determination of prize winner.


  • By participating in the Catch the King raffle, participants acknowledge the IRS has taken a position that the amounts paid for chance to participate in raffles, lotteries or similar programs are not gifts and therefore, the price of the lottery tickets does not qualify as a deductible charitable contribution. Prize winners are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, fees, and other government assessments on the awarded prize. Furthermore, each prize winner acknowledges that the Federal law requires tax withholding on certain prize values must be collected from winnings upon award or distribution. Federal and state withholding laws are subject to change without notice. All withholding laws in effect at the time of each prize will be acted upon and followed.



  • Entrants, by participating in the Catch the King raffle, agree that Alaska Lottery, Tudor Bingo, John  Powers and Tap 50:50, each of their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, permittees and advertising and promotion agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, shareholders, members, consultants and agents (collectively, the Released Parties) will have no liability whatsoever for, and shall be held harmless by entrants against any liability for injuries, losses, cost, expenses or damages of any kind, including damages for death, personal injury, property damage.

  • Questions, issues, or inquiries can be made by email at; by letter to Alaska Lottery PO Box 241113 Anchorage, AK 99507 or by calling our office at (907)565-6886.

  • The sponsor of the raffle is Powers Brothers Inc. dba Alaska Lottery, licensed operator #89 John Powers and associated permittees.



  • The raffle is governed by the laws of the State of Alaska without giving impact to any choice of law or conflict of law rule in any other jurisdiction. As a condition of participating in a raffle, the participants and prize winners, agrees that all disputes that cannot be resolved between the parties, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, exclusively by arbitration in the locations selected solely by the licensed operator in Anchorage, Alaska. In any dispute under no circumstances will the petition be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby waives all rights to claim punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, including reasonable attorney fees, other than participants actual out-of-pocket expense (i.e., cost associated with entering the lottery) and further waives all rights to have damages increased. Any claims regarding the raffle that are not considered released, and in the event, arbitration is not enforced, must be brought to the State or Federal courts in Anchorage, Alaska the participant and prize claimant hereby consents to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of any such action. The raffle is void where prohibited by law. In no event shall the licensed operator, Alaska Lottery, Tudor Bingo, associated permittee(s), Tap 50/50 or any of the related entities be liable for damages that exceed the value of the prize awarded to any individual participant in the raffle.
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